Welcome to Donna

Famed for luxuriously elegant evening gowns, beautifully crafted occasion dresses and embellished cocktail wear delights, Donna is where the journey to a statement piece begins and ends. Set in the heart of Stanmore, Donna has been sourcing and refining stunning ladieswear to clients around the globe for over 30 years’, ensuring the perfect attire for every occasion.

About Charles & Diane

Upon entering the world of fashion aged sixteen, Charles became obsessed with the beauty within the industry, and thrived on exploring lavish textures and bold designs. He quickly developed a unique reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and ability to refine garments to perfection, leading to the establishment of Donna. Diane shares Charles’ passion for exquisite and sophisticated ladies wear, and uses the fastidious skills she gained as a previous professional calligrapher to seek out only the most detailed and perfect items as the chief buyer for Donna’s clientele.